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1.) 10m. This answer is obtained by using Pythagoras' theorum...

a2+b2=c2 - the figure reached by finding one hypotenuse needs to be doubled to find the total distance. I.e. 32+42=52. The hypotenuse is then 5 and so the answer is 10m.

2.) L and M. They are the next two letters which consist only of straight lines.

3.) 1. You are the only one going to St Ives. You only met the wives and their respective properties!!

4.) Yes you can: If you call the slices A, B and C, they can be fried in three steps as follows:

step 1: 1 side of A and one side of B

step 2: other side of A and one side of C

step 3: other side of B and other side of C

These 3 steps will only take you 60 seconds.

5.) The nuts on the wheels, because, as they are travelliong in circles, or ovals, they are moving bacwards for half of their journey!

6.) Edward

7.) His house is stuck right on top of the north pole.

8.) The 2 fathers and 2 sons are actually 3 people...

One is the father of one and the son of the other. His father is the other father, and his son is the other son!

9.) S and N - they are the first letters of the prime numbers...

Two, Three, Five, Seven, Eleven, Thirteen, Seventeen, Nineteen

10.) 11, making 143 (14x11) and 33 (3x11)