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- Are you being used?

Start with question 1, and for each question answer yes or no. If the answer is yes, go to the question number next to the Y, and likewise, if the answer is no, go to the question number next to the N. When you get to a conclusion, simply click on it, and it will take you to that particular conclusion...

1. Do your mates see you as an advice-giver? Y=4 N=2

2. If you were going to the best party of the year, and your friend needed to talk, would you still go to the party? Y=4 N=3

3. Do your friends change their attitude towards somebody the minute their back's turned? Y=10 N=4

4. Can you be quite authoratative times? Y=7 N=5

5. Are you quite tactful in making decisions? Y=9 N=8

6. Do you have a few close friends, as opposed to a large gang of close friends? Y=8 N=5

7. Do you ever get the feeling that everyone has turned their backs on you? Y=8 N=6

8. Do you hate it when things don't go your way? Y=13 N=9

9. Do you hate sharing? Y=12 N=11

10. Do your friends always help you along? Y=9 N=11

11. Are you always the last to know everything? Y=17 N=12

12. If you found out that your friend was just using you, would you have a huge go at them? Y=15 N=16

13. Do you hate being bossed around? Y=14 N=12

14. In the past, have you ever been "friends" with someone just to get something you want? Y=20 N=19

15. Would you say something if your friends were bossing someone else around? Y=18 N=14

16. Do you think other people think you are a prize friend? Y=18 N=17

17. Do you ever feel secluded from conversations? Y=22 N=18

18. Are you really outgoing? Y=14 N=21

19. Does what you say always go? Y=20 N=21

20. Are you bossy? Y=CONCLUSION C N=21

21. Do you find it hard to stand up to your friends? Y=CONCLUSION A N=CONCLUSION B

22. Do you find yourself chasing friends? Y=CONCLUSION A N=21