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- What is your Karma?

For every question, answer A, B, or C. At the end, add up the amount of each letter, and then go to the appropriate conclusion. You may need a pen and paper to note down each letter as you get it, unless you don't mind scrolling back and forth or you've got a good memory!

1. If you travelled back in time to the last millennium (as we are not actually in the 3rd yet - Ed.), what would you take with you from this one?

A = Your local shopping mall!

B = Your mobile phone

C = Your party gear, the latest "Clubber's guide to paradise" and a CD player


2. Which of the following makes you remember your first memory?

A = Train set

B = A small child

C = A dog


3. You have travelled back in time again (phew) this time to the First World War. What job would you do there?

A = Pilot

B = A nurse/doctor

C = A secret agent


4. Which of the following characteristics do you feel describes you the most?

A = Determination

B = Loyalty

C = Honesty


5. Your house is on fire - after yourself, what do you rescue?

A = Games console

B = Photos

C = Cuddly toy


6. Your guardian angel advises you to put love on the back burner. What do you do about it?

A = Take her advice and remain single

B = Heed her advice, but make your own decision

C = Ignore her and jump feet first into a relationship


7. What is the meaning of deja-vu?

A = A gut feeling

B = Having the feeling that you have been here before

C = An emotional outburst


8. If you were to be re-incarnated, where would you live?


B = Where you are now

C = Hawaii


9. If you could have invented any of the following, which one would it be?

A = Playstation

B = The pill

C = Jet engine



Mostly A

Mostly B

Mostly C

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